80 River Halloween Massacre

80 River Halloween Massacre 80 River is one of the best top rated and recommended bars in Hoboken! HobokenHalloween.com is happy to bring you our annual 80 River Hoboken Halloween Massacre event! Halloween 2021 is back and we are super excited to present you the wildest Hoboken Halloween event yet! Prepare yourself for one crazy party at 80 River! When everyone is done bar crawling they will be heading over here to this beautiful venue! The city of Hoboken will be as lit as ever before with many fellow crawlers roaming the streets of Hoboken celebrating the Halloween spirit! We strongly recommend you to wear your costume as you will see many others bar hopping in their costumes! You will see some awesome costumes that will bring laughs, give a scare, and even grab your attention! Bring your friends, grab a bite, drink and most importantly have an amazing time!

*Ticket prices will increase as the date get's closer to the event*

surely not disappoint. Grab your friends, put on your wildest costumes, and let BostonHalloween.com bring fright night to you!

Venue Name

80 River St
Hoboken, NJ 07030