Hoboken Halloween Event

HobokenHalloween.com is extremely happy to be back in action for Halloween 2021! We are bringing you the biggest and best live Halloween events to give you the time of your life! We work diligently to bring you amazing Hoboken Halloween events as we want to see everyone having a blast partying it up with their friends in their spooktacular costumes! Our Halloween bar crawl and parties will give you an amazing experience! Enjoy many top rated bars in Hoboken for our pub crawl and party hard after our bar crawl at one of our spooky Halloween party events!

Official Halloweekend Pub Crawl Hoboken

Hoboken Halloween bar crawls are back for 2021! Providing you with a bar hopping experience like no other! Come Crawl with us this Halloween weekend and enjoy this beautiful city we call Hoboken! There is just something special about partying in your Halloween costume and going to the bars with your friends having a great time enjoying the best drinks! Have a blast pub crawling at only the best and most recommended bars in Hoboken! Here at HobokenHalloween.com we want to provide you with only the top tier bar crawl experience for this special Holiday!

Halloweekend Hangover Pub Crawl Hoboken

HobokenHalloween.com’s very own Hoboken Halloweekend Pub Crawl is here in October. New Jersey’s party town is alive, lit, and ready for this Halloween weekend! What better way to cure a hangover than to keep on drinking at our Halloweekend Hangover Pub Crawl! Our famous bar crawling event will provide the best bar hopping experience for you and your friends this Halloween. Party hard in the heart of Hoboken as this city’s nightlife is truly unmatched! The Halloween spirit is in the cool fall weather of Hoboken that will leave you with a true authentic Halloween event! You might see some ghouls and goblins roaming the streets in Hoboken as everyone will be dressed up in their costumes!

Happy Hour Halloweekend Pub Crawl Hoboken

Our annual Happy Hour Halloweekend Pub Crawl Hoboken event is back in 2021! Hoboken, New Jersey’s party town, is alive as many people are looking to party here! The waterfront views, restaurants, and participating bars will be packed with entertainment for a Halloweekend you do not want to miss. This small city of Hoboken, located on the Hudson River is super clean and eventful. Many of the top rated bars are in close proximity to each other giving this city a nightlife like no other. You will see pub and bar crawlers in all sorts of costumes from sexy to scary! Join them in Celebrating Halloween 2021 at our annual Halloweekend Pub Crawl event and wear your costume! Go bar hopping from bar to bar as you please or feel free to follow the crowd around Hoboken! This Hoboken Halloween event is one that will keep you coming back so don’t miss out

Madd Hatter Heaven & Hell Halloween

Hoboken nightlife is quickly growing year by year and Madd Hatter might have something to do with that! If you are in Hoboken you have to go to our Heaven & Hell Halloween event at Madd Hatter! Madd Hatter is one of the best bars in this beautiful city and also one of the top rated bars! The venue is beautiful and has plenty of space with amazing energetic music always being played! This Halloween weekend come on over to Madd Hatter and party all night long! If you are at our Hoboken bar crawl this is another party to keep your Halloween weekend going! Everyone will be dressed up in some really great costumes for the spirit of Halloween! Wear your costume, bring your friends, and grab food and drinks here at this amazing bar! At Madd Hatter you are guaranteed to have a great time this Halloween Weekend!

80 River Halloween Massacre

80 River is one of the best top rated and recommended bars in Hoboken! HobokenHalloween.com is happy to bring you our annual 80 River Hoboken Halloween Massacre event! Halloween 2021 is back and we are super excited to present you the wildest Hoboken Halloween event yet! Prepare yourself for one crazy party at 80 River! When everyone is done bar crawling they will be heading over here to this beautiful venue! The city of Hoboken will be as lit as ever before with many fellow crawlers roaming the streets of Hoboken celebrating the Halloween spirit! We strongly recommend you to wear your costume as you will see many others bar hopping in their costumes! You will see some awesome costumes that will bring laughs, give a scare, and even grab your attention! Bring your friends, grab a bite, drink and most importantly have an amazing time!